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Student Testimonials


Zhi Qi, Temasek Junior College (A)

“I have been failing my math and had great difficulty understanding the concepts and topics taught back in my first year of college. I was immensely grateful to have Mr Gan as my math tuition teacher. He was friendly and patient in guiding me through the challenging math concepts I could not grasp, using layman terms and drawings that helped me gained understanding. His great knowledge in math and that gave his students confidence in his teaching. He was also always prepared for any questions that I threw at him. His dedication to helping his students excel in math was remarkable. He welcomes questions and queries even outside lesson times. I am really fortunate to be able to have him as a teacher and a friend. My A grade for H2 A level in 2012 would not have been achievable without him.”

Xin Ping, Temasek Junior College (A)

“Mr Gan is a very patient and committed tutor who will always be willing to answer all of my questions patiently and clearly. He would take time to clear every single doubt that i had and would make sure i understood all his methods completely so that the same methods could be applied for questions that involved the same concepts. He would teach in a fun and interactive manner, making his lessons more enjoyable which aids in helping me to remember his teachings better. In addition, he would always answer all the doubts that i have out of class through whatsapp which helps me a lot whenever i encounter questions which i have difficulties solving it. I am really grateful for his constant guidance and patient teachings which made learning maths much more enjoyable! :)”

Natasha Yeo, St Andrew’s Junior College (A)

“I really enjoyed my math tuition with Mr. Gan as it felt very personalized. He would take the time to pick out questions for me to do, according to my weaknesses and providing extra hours whenever I needed it. With time being very precious approaching A levels, it was a relief to have flexible tuition hours to work around school timetable. Right up to0 the day before A levels, I could message him with questions to clear my doubts!”

Sean Quilindo, St Andrew’s Junior College (A)

“The math lessons are very practical and exam oriented. I’ve always been able to clear my doubts and he is always very patient in explaining difficult concepts.”

Bevin Jiaxin, Yishun Junior College (A)

“Mr Gan is very patient in his teaching and is always willing to help us outside of class time. With his constant encouragement and help, I managed to achieve an A for my A levels in 2014.”

Amin, Innova Junior College (A)

“Among many who have taught me math, Mr Gan is a teacher that stands out from the rest, he is not only a teacher but a friend who would adapt to my learning style and teach me according to the best of my abilities. He makes sure I understand what I’m doing and most importantly recap things with me to clear up remaining doubts. He would even take his time off to teach us either by meeting us or through phone messages. I’m really grateful for him being my teacher and also guiding me in the subject. Thank you for everything!”



Hi Wan Yi, Yishun Junior College (A)

“Mr Lim’s lessons are always peppered with real life examples and conceptual short essays. I like the guided revision with essay practices and model A level answers banking.”

Raymond Ngo, Jurong Junior College (A)

“Economics is a bit daunting so I have tried to do many questions banks with Mr Lim. I really enjoyed his lessons and the guided revision on how to best give answers to each question.”



Nikhil Suhesh, St Andrew’s Junior College (A)

“Physics has been challenging for me as I have problems understanding some of the theories. Mr Jun was always very patient in covering my difficult concepts like quantum and nuclear physics and oscillations. I really enjoyed his lessons and learnt a lot about exam revision techniques.”

Jonathan Ng, St Andrew’s Junior College (A)

“Jonathan used to struggle in the subject and was averaging between 50-60%. After we engaged Jayden, his results improved to 80-90% range within a short period. Jun’s teaching methods and explanation of concepts is very clear and my son understands it very easily. He was able to identify my son’s weaknesses and quickly rectified them before the year end assessment that happened to be only weeks away when we first engage him. Jun is also very detailed and organised. He ensures my son is exposed to all types of questions. He provides good learning materials to complement the school’s material like concept maps, cambridge papers, extra notes and practice questions.



Lim Wan Le, Yishun Junior College (A)

“Mr Lim’s lessons are always peppered with real life examples and conceptual short essays. I like the guided revision with essay practices and model A level answers banking.”