The GCE A Level is famously known as the precursor to university in Singapore with over 12,000 students sit for the A Level examinations annually. A content heavy curriculum condensed into two short years, the A Level is both academically rigorous and intellectually demanding. Many students struggle with the transition to junior college and the steep learning curve from the O Levels.

At MindPrep, we offer you the best teachers, the most comprehensive curriculum, and a comfortable learning environment. Our approach is built on 3 pillars to help you achieve your maximum potential.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our curriculum has been tested and proven. Masterfully curated by our very own anchor tutors with many years of teaching experience,  the exclusive curriculum stands strong with insider knowledge on question types and answering techniques.  

Experienced Teachers

Our A Level teachers are specially trained and possess many years of teaching experience. We cherry pick our tutors to ensure that we provide only the best educators who are highly capable and passionate to serve the learning needs of our students. 

Customised Practices

Practice makes perfect. Targeted practice makes perfect AND helps you save time! Mindprep studies past exam trends to pick out the commonly tested questions and concepts to help our students study effectively.