“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

6 problems IB students face

1. Exam questions are so different from what is taught is class

Teachers in school spend time prioritising the introduction of content over problem solving and exam techniques. This makes school lessons boring and often do not provide pinpoint help for exam needs.

2. Large amount of time spent on projects

Most students spend an average of 90-120 hours on their IA, EE, TOK, and coursework. This leaves little time for proper exam preparations.

3. Unable to pinpoint what to prioritise

Each subject covers a wide range of topics, emphasising breadth over depth. Students learn widely but struggle to pinpoint what to prioritise for exams.

4. Lack exposure to exam style questions

The IB exams are known to be set on a few iterations of specific question types. Students who lack exposure to question trend and analysis do not fare well in the exams.

5. Tight timeline in school

The tight timeline of the IB leaves school with little time to provide a comprehensive coverage. Students should start their own IB preparations way in advance. Holidays are spent catching up on coursework, IA, EE, TOK. Students do not have sufficient time to review what they learnt after each term.


So how to do well in the IB?

1. Plan your revision ahead of time

The IB Diploma Programme offers one of the most unique learning experience that comes with many academic and intellectual challenges. Students need to read ahead in advance and prioritise their revisions for coursework and exams that matter.

2. Use frameworks to help remember concepts

Having trouble remembering the overload of information from school? Develop a strong framework to conceptualise and crystalise concepts. Learn from practising exam questions for the most efficient and productive revision and develop your own learning methods along the way.

3. Spend time analysing questions trends and patterns

A crucial skill is to learn to apply the information learnt in the regular curriculum to tackle the exams. Avoid rote learning, mindless memorisation and superfluous studying. Instead, spend time analysing question trend and patterns and prioritise your learning towards topics and concepts that matter in the exams.

As IB Diploma Specialists with a strong track record, Mindprep’s curriculum is aimed at helping students supplement their learning by offering professional guidance, targeted practices, and exam techniques. Our teachers have designed frameworks to help students fasttrack their learning, and maximise their studying effectiveness. These frameworks have helped many of our students to emerge among the top scorers in their school.

Our centre provides the opportunities for you to maximise your potential in every subject, and we are the industry experts who can help you achieve academic excellence in the IB Diploma Programme. We dedicate our time to crafting intelligently designed customised guides and teaching materials to help you master your curriculum. Your academic success is our top priority, and we ensure that every Mindprep student is given the best materials, guidance and facilities to achieve their academic goals.

The IB, made simple and brilliant.

The rigour of the International Baccalaureate may be daunting to even to the brightest students; this is why we spend years perfecting the way we teach the IB.

Unparalleled Success

Mindprep is best known for our highly rated curriculum designed entirely by IB examiners and IB school teachers. Now in our eighth year, Mindprep has guided hundreds of students in the IB exams. We have a near perfect record with almost all students securing 6s’ and 7s’ in the final exams.  

Specialist Teachers

As a leading IB specialist, our teachers are cherry picked for perfection. We prohibit boring, unmotivated, and unfriendly teachers. Most of us are IB Examiners, IB school teachers, subject heads, or IB graduates who know the system inside out.

Customised Curriculum

We are best known for our highly rated in-house question sets, targeted practice and quarterly updated resources. Our IB specialists review past exam questions to decipher all iterations of key questions and help you to study efficiently and productively.

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UWC (Dover) | LSE (Economics)

Mr Lim, my teacher, is a very committed and experienced teacher. He puts in a lot of effort to get us to understand and do better and his notes are concise and comprehensive. The teachings are very clear, in depth, and easy to understand and I have improved tremendously under his guidance.

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