Here at Mindprep, we  know  that the  amount  of tuition classes a student attends will not be reflected in their grades. This is because no matter the amount of tuition a student attends, classes that merely spoon-feed him will not assist him at all. The ability of a student to benefit from tuition depends on whether the programme ingrains in him the ability to think critically and independently.   These are the kinds of skills rewarded, both at the A levels and the IB examinations; and these are the kinds of skills Mindprep focuses on developing.

We strive to provide quality tuition at affordable prices for A level and IB students in Singapore. As we believe that every student deserves an opportunity to realise their full academic potential, we bring to you only the best tutors, best materials, and the best environment.

Specially curated by our team of professional educators, our unique curricula incorporates the most important concepts, practice questions, and exam skills that are not easily gleaned from school materials alone.

Our tried and tested methods have seen many Mindprep students being accepted into top courses such as Medicine, Law, Accountancy, and Computer Science, and top universities such as Oxford and Cambridge in the UK, NUS, NTU and SMU. Many have also gone further to achieve prestigious scholarships in the private and public sectors.

Advanced curriculums, taught by top-notch educators.

Customised curriculum

Our team of dedicated tutors are well-versed with the demands of the ‘A’ Level and IBDP syllabus, given their first-hand experience as MOE teachers and examiners. Mindprep students are provided with notes that incorporate our tutors’ exclusive insider knowledge on examination and answering techniques, skills and content knowledge.

Expert tutors

Mindprep’s tutors possess a wealth of knowledge beyond the classroom syllabus to prepare the students for the future. They comprise alumnus from top schools Raffles/Hwa Chong/ ACSI/Cambridge/NUS/NTU, and industry professionals in Law, Medicine, and Finance.

Proven methodology

100% of our IB students scored 6/7 for all their subjects in the 2016 exams.

Over 90% of our A level students scored A/B for Economics and GP, 89% scored A/B for Chemistry and 86% scored A/B for Mathematics in the 2016 exams.

Producers of Singapore’s top ‘A’ Level and IB students.

Lim Jun Xiang, Valedictorian of Yishun Junior College

Jun Xiang began his journey with Mindprep at end of his first year in junior college, just after he had received an E for his Economics examination. Despite having studied hard, he found himself simply unable to answer the questions posed.

Interestingly, Jun Xiang’s fundamentals were far from lacking. However, with personalised attention to Jun Xiang’s progress, we were able to sift out his underlying flaw: he did not know how to conceptualise nor apply the information he had studied. We therefore customised his classes to hone his application skills by using a 4-step framework and ran through over 50 case studies and essays with him. Jun Xiang concurrently submitted multiple practice papers, which we consistently marked and reviewed with him. Slowly but surely, and without much surprise, Jun Xiang eventually gained confidence in responding to the demands of the Economic test papers.

Jun Xiang ultimately graduated with a string of straight As accompanying his title as Valedictorian of his junior college. Today, his work submissions total to over 100 pieces of essays and case studies, which we have edited and compiled for future students to reference.